My name is Luke. I’ve been involved in sports and weight lifting since 2007.

What started as a hobby quickly grew into a passion, and after training at a Muay Thai camp in Thailand for three months in 2008, I realised my hunger for being fitter, faster and stronger.

Since I stopped competing professionally, I’ve put the extra hours into teaching Muay Thai, Insanity and other high intensity fitness classes. My extensive knowledge of sports nutrition has always been something that has helped both myself and my clients reach goals as quickly as possible, smash new PRs as frequently as possible and get the absolute most out of their training whilst maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

A healthy mind is a healthy body, and vice versa. Putting emphasis on nutrition and ensuring that my diet has been balanced and clean whilst training has certainly allowed me to make progress that I would not have otherwise, and that’s why I started Nutrition Coach – to share that knowledge with others and allow them to also maximise their training efforts and realise their gains in the best possible way.

Being an athlete that has regularly consumed sport supplements over the years and tried numerous brands and online retailers, I also feel that I could contribute a thing or two to the health and fitness community by sharing my experiences with product reviews.

The mission of Nutrition Coach is to provide a no-nonsense source of information on eating clean, maximising ones training efforts and the most effective supplements to help achieve ones goals, whether that be to lose weight, build lean muscle or improve general health.