Natural Supplements to Help you Shred Fat

So you have been building that physique for a while now and the time has come where you want to see what lies beneath. Shredding that body fat is a fine art which many competitive athletes have got down to a fine art. Of course plentiful amounts of cardio and weight training with a carefully prepped diet go without saying but you can also supplement to help uncover those gains and showcase that lean muscular physique.

Whether you are looking to shred for a competition, a holiday or special occasion here’s the lowdown of the best fat burners to help you achieve your goals!

Green Tea

If you can swap your usual cup of tea throughout your shredding period with green tea you will reap the rewards and boy are there rewards to be had! It is loaded with antioxidants and various substances that are beneficial for health.

The active compounds in green tea can aid in the process of fat burning by boosting the effects of some fat burning hormones.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid crucial to the break down of body fat and the healthy operation of the metabolism – it has been a popular supplement for many years now in the fitness sector due to its ability to help develop a leaner appearance. It is particularly favored by those who are seeking to reduce body fat for aesthetic purposes and is widely recognised as being an indispensable addition to any serious trainers cutting arsenal.

Raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketone is one of 200 molecules that form part of a fully structured raspberry – the ketone component has been widely used for several years now due to it’s alleged ability to help reduce visceral fat around the liver and excess fat specifically around the stomach. As such, ketones are highly desirable as a weight loss aid, and even though testing in humans has been limited thus far, thousands of users maintain that it has been an effective aid for their weight loss journey and recommend it highly.

As with any supplement, it’s worth trying provided you’ve done your medical / allergen based research in case it does indeed work on your genetic blue print and assist you in your goals!


Grapefruit has been proven to lower insulin levels and stop the body from storing excess fat – one study saw a weight loss of almost 4 lbs. over a 12 week period when changing nothing in the participants diets other than adding one serving of grapefruit with meals.

It’s also part of the notorious “negative calorie” group of high fiber food types that actually burn more calories during digestion than they contain in the first place!

Now you have everything in place to be able to complete your shred with maximum effects!