The Key to Nailing Nutrition

So you’re reading this because you want to get fit and sort out your diet and you are also looking for ways in which to still eat the foods you love, do minimal exercise and carry on drinking several bottles of wine a week.

Sadly there is no shortcut to good nutrition and fitness. The truth is abs are made in the kitchen so you can’t get that dream physique without cooking appropriately for it.

Locking down your nutrition is the key to a healthy life and a fit body! The two go hand in hand. Keeping your body well nourished, healthy and happy is also the key to a great physique. Changing your habits gradually over time is the key to long-term results. Forget the ridiculous crash diets and slimming world recipes, they simply ARE NOT maintainable.

Below you will find out the best sort of carbs to leave in and remove from your diet and healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Carbs are not the enemy

Do you love bread and pasta? Most people do! We are a nation of carb lovers! We love chips, cakes, pizza and quite frankly anything that isn’t that great for us, but we are only human. People

Carbs are not the enemy! You don’t have to cut them out completely.

who tell you or decide that carbs are bad for you are mistaken and cutting carbs from your diet is a sure way to become an unsuccessful yo-yo dieter.

With a few simple changes to the carbs you choose you can achieve a slimmer body and a more energised mind. Fast digesting carbs such as white potato and pasta are good for a post workout carb to restore your glycogen stores but when you’re not in post workout phase try swapping your beloved carbs for slower digesting ones so you remain fuller for longer. Sweet potatoes and oats are the best examples.

Can you swap your chips to sweet potato chips? Can you change the white bread for whole meal or rye bread?

Get whey isolate powder

Investing in a good protein powder is a great idea for any nutrition plan. It’s a clean source of protein and quickly accessible. A protein shake with water after a workout or as a meal replacement is a great way of giving your muscles the fuel they need without having any added extras such as unnecessary fats and salts.

Protein in this form is easily absorbed and your muscles will love it. You can also add a scoop to your morning oats for a protein boost! Have you tried a protein mug cake? An indulgent treat and easy to make! A scoop of protein in a mug with a splash of milk, 1 egg and a pinch of baking powder and sweetener. Cook for about a minute until it raises then top with a sprinkle of cinnamon and calorie free chocolate sauce! Heaven!

Make the vegetables matter

Not many of us like eating our vegetables but the problem we have is that we actually need them – yup, we need them so sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Being selective with vegetables is a beneficial task and eliminating nutritionally void greens such as lettuce and swapping them for spinach is a great starting place.

Green Beans
Green beans are rich in nutrients and vitamins, and low in calories

Everything you put into your body needs to benefit you in some way, or what’s the point in eating it? Start to incorporate iron rich broccoli and green beans. They also contain high amounts of vitamin B, which are fantastic for energy release and healthy blood flow.

Give in to your sweet tooth… the correct way

When paying close attention to your nutrition and macros you can incorporate a cheat meal once a week but of course sometimes during the week it wont stop you from craving a mars bar or a big bowl of sticky toffee fudge cake! The best thing is to satisfy your taste buds because its the taste of things we actually crave not the eating process. Flavdrops from Myprotein are superb for adding guilt free flavour to shakes and foods. A drop of toffee straight onto the tongue is an excellent way to immediately extinguish those cravings. Waldens Farms do an excellent range of calorie free, far free and carb free sauces to make your meals taste delicious without the guilt!

Get your plan locked down! If you don’t have it lurking in your cupboards you wont be tempted to eat it! Stay away from the biscuit isle and stop buying rubbish that won’t benefit your physique! Go through your fridge and cupboards and bin the bad stuff, be harsh and get yourself results.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science but these mere few changes will help you see big improvements.